Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing is a crucial part of any web presence. In most cases 90% of traffic to a site will come through a search engine such as Google. At the very start of web design SEO should be incorporated into the layout, links, and text on every page.

We take a very unique approach to SEO, we align our service to meet your exact needs to make sure you get specific traffic. After all there is no point getting 1000’s of hits to your web site, if the users aren't interested in the subject or aren't a potential customer.

A lot of Search Engine Optimisation agencies will offer guaranteed positions on the search engines, but this is pretty much impossible. Some of them also use ‘black hat’ techniques, which may get your site artificially ranked highly for a short time, until the engines have caught up with you and they push you down the rankings or even ban your web site completely! Another misconception is that submitting your site to 100's of search engines will actually help, there are only actually a small number major players and their results will filter through to other search engines.